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Tim rejoined Wheelz in in July of 2012 after spending some time working in radio in Mobile, AL. Welcome back! Tune in from 10am to 2pm on WHEELZ 104.5 to listen to Tim.


All About Tim:

Who is Tim Brandow? Tim Brandow is a legend. Like Paul Bunyan. Like Keyser Söze. The boogeyman. Some say he is real. Some swear Tim Brandow is just a myth, like the big bad wolf. Something fathers tell their little boys at night to keep them honest.


It’s been rumored even, that Tim Brandow can perform the Five Finger Death Punch…with just his littlest finger.
So the story goes, Tim Brandow was the man that inspired Chuck Norris to take up martial arts. This was when a then young Charles Norris saw Tim Brandow take out 7 men, barehanded, at the bar down the street where Tim had worked as a bouncer.
This recollection of Chuck Norris told later in the 80’s, was the inspiration of the movie Roadhouse, starring Patrick Swayze.
Tim demanded that the characters name be changed to Dalton, who was a buddy of his, a real man, who died in the war. So the story goes, that is.
I’ve heard tale of how Tim Brandow was vacationing through Europe back in the 60’s, paying his way by playing his guitar on street corners for change. It was there on a street corner in London, late one night, when Tim Brandow handed over his personal guitar to a very young James Page. Jimmy to his mates. That was Jimmys first guitar. Became somewhat famous himself a few years later, Jimmy did. At least, that was how I heard the story anyways.
It’s even rumored that Tim Brandow developed Atomic Power well before the bombs were made in World War II. But he destroyed his research, because he knew mankind was not ready for this great power yet. He apparently tutored a young Einstein in math after that. Well, that’s the rumor.
Some will tell you that Tim Brandow is a man from outer space, Inspiring David Bowie to write a Space Oditty. While others claim he is divine and he was sent straight from the heavens.
When a woman closes her eyes to dream of another man, it’s Tim Brandow that they are seeing.
When a bad man fears being caught by a just and righteous man, it is Tim Brandow they fear.


Well, some people get so hot and bothered about the legend of Tim Brandow they will even swear, hand to God, that they hear his voice on the radio, plain as day, from 10 until 2 on Wheelz, 104-5. If that don’t beat all…


Who is Tim Brandow? I don’t know. I’ve never had the pleasure to meet the man, the myth, the legend. Always on the wind he is, like his voice floats through the air, telling me facts about classic rock, from time to time.


But I have heard stories. And I should say, if you do get the chance to grasp his hand, and give it a shake, you should consider yourself privileged. That would be rare. Like capturing the leprechaun with the pot of gold, while he was just about to ride away on a unicorn up a sunbeam. Rare indeed.
If you catch a glimpse of Tim Brandow, Please let us know. We have set up a Tim Brandow Sighting Hotline at 989-776-2100.
More Tim Brandow literature and information is available online at https://www.wheelz1045.com
Where The Legend Lives On!