Our Veteran’s Voices

Throughout November, we’ve asked Veterans to share their stories, experiences, and wisdom in our Veteran’s Voices. Veterans have a unique set of challenges upon reentering civilian life, but they are not alone, there is an entire community of Vets that can assist in the transition.



To provide veterans with sustainable solutions while promoting a safer, healthier, and prosperous civilian lifestyle.

VETLIFE offers a variety of resources, programs, and events to veterans and their families all at no cost.

VETLIFE is a nonprofit organization formed in 2018 by veteran families for veteran families. The organization was born out of our own struggles after leaving the military. We became painfully aware of so many other veterans who were facing the same struggles. The large number of veterans unaware of benefits and the rising number of veteran suicides really bothered us, so we formed a nonprofit organization with the purpose of promoting a safer, healthier, and prosperous civilian lifestyle. This is how the name “VETLIFE” came to fruition. VETLIFE is about living your best life after the military. We provide veterans with a network of sustainable solutions and resources to improve the quality of civilian life. Our events are completely free to veteran families and promote a sense of camaraderie among other veterans while also providing valuable veteran-specific resources. We pride ourselves on being attentive to any and all veteran needs. 



After decades of war, veterans have been left with very few resources to find relief and comfort from the physical, mental and moral injuries derived from these conflicts.

We know statistically, the reported number of 22 veterans committing suicide a day is actually much higher. PTSD is one of the most common ailments veterans face post deployment. Currently, the only therapies available through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are often cocktails of heavy duty pharmaceutical medications. Many veterans choose to not want to consume these medications because of their side effects and other interactions.