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The first black hole to be photographed now has a name

That black hole you’ve seen everywhere now has a name. It’s been christened Powehi — a Hawaiian phrase referring to an “embellished dark source of unending creation.” The groundbreaking, first-ever photograph of a black hole was published around the world when it was unveiled on Wednesday, captivating viewers and providing the only direct visual evidence…MORE

Executions worldwide are at a 10-year low. But in the US, they rose

The number of executions carried out across the world have reached a 10-year low, according to a new report from human rights organization Amnesty International. At least 690 executions were carried out in 20 countries in 2018, which was a 31% decrease from 2017’s total of 993 executions or more. The report is a moment…MORE

A planet in our solar system needs a name — and you can help

It’s been 10 years since the largest unnamed minor planet in our solar system was discovered. Yet it has remained nameless, apart from the identifier 2007 OR10. The three astronomers who discovered it want your help to change that. Meg Schwamb, Mike Brown and David Rabinowitz announced the campaign to pick a suitable name in…MORE

This is the first photo of a black hole

In April 2017, scientists used a global network of telescopes to see and capture the first-ever picture of a black hole, according to an announcement by researchers at the National Science Foundation Wednesday morning. They captured an image of the black hole at the center of a galaxy known as M87. “We have seen what…MORE

The first-ever photo of a black hole is expected very soon

It’s been a great year so far for space fans, with a partial solar eclipse, super blood wolf moon eclipse, and a Venus and Jupiter conjunction wowing onlookers. Now there may be another exciting development to look forward to: the first ever photos of a black hole. Scientists from the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration will…MORE